Carolyn Stockbridge
b. UK- Living/working in Canada.

University of British Columbia, M.F.A. 
Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design, B.F.A. 
Otis College of Art & Design. 
The Art Students League of New York. 
Emily Carr College of Art & Design. 

One Person Exhibitions
2012 Elliott Louis Gallery. Groupings. Vancouver. Curated by Ted Lederer.
2011 Elliott Louis Gallery. Grounds For Interpretation. Vancouver. Curated by Lynn Ruscheinsky.
2010 Elliott Louis Gallery. Figure & Ground. Vancouver. Curated by Lynn Ruscheinsky.
2004 Gallery 6612 A. New Paintings. Los Angeles, USA.

Select Group Exhibitions
2019 CICA Museum, South Korea, “The Abstract Mind”, forthcoming.
2017 AHVA Gallery, Audain Centre for the Arts, Vancouver. “The Diviners”, curated by Marina Roy & Phillip McCrum.
2017 Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery, “Candle”, Vancouver, curated by Lorna Brown.
2017 Access Gallery. A Terrible Signal. Vancouver. Curated by Kimberley Phillips.
2016 AHVA Gallery. Audain Centre for the Arts. For To Do. Vancouver. Curated by Barry Jones.
2010 Pendulum Gallery. The Drawing Room, National Juried Show. Vancouver. Curated by Lynn Ruscheinsky.
2010 Climate Gallery’. Redux!, Never Think Small. New York City, USA.
2010 Elliott Louis Gallery. Winter. Vancouver. Curated by Lynn Ruscheinsky.
2009 Climate Gallery. Never Think Small. New York City, USA.
2009 Elliott Louis Gallery. Pencil On Paper. Vancouver. Curated by Lynn Ruscheinsky.
2008 Museum of Modern Art. Luscious - FIAE 2008 at MAMRio. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
2006 EZTV. Hacking the Timeline / Digilantism & LA Digital Arts Movement. Santa Monica, USA.
2005 Sulkin Secant Gallery. Group Show. Bergamot Station, Santa Monica. Curated by Lisa Colon.
2003 DCA Gallery. On The Verge. Los Angeles. Curated by DCA.
2001 Video Inn. saltysatedradiant, 'Signal&Noise'. Director, Randy Lee Cutler. Vancouver. 
2000 The Art Students League Annual Exhibition, Terminator Seed. Director Nina Rota. New York City. 
2000 Douglas Udell Gallery. Curious Hybrids. Vancouver. Curated by Kelley Deck. 
2000 Dynamo Gallery. Inconspicuous. Vancouver.
2000 Palace Sessions. -X-Pollination, Surveil Part I. Vancouver. Collaboration with Etienne Zack.
1999 NYU Anniversary Juried Show. NYU East Galleries, New York City, USA. (Honourable mention).
1999 Grunt Gallery. Good Show - New Work by Ten British Artists. Vancouver, Canada.
1997 The Atlantic Gallery. Annual Winter Exhibition. New York City, USA.
1996 The Atlantic Gallery. Annual Winter Exhibition. New York City, USA.
1995 The Atlantic Gallery. Annual Winter Exhibition. New York City, USA.

Published Film Scores
2007 Spineless, 6m, animation. USA. Director, Nina Rota.
2006 Luscious, 5m, Experimental animation. USA. Director, Nina Rota.
2002 Does Anyone Die of AIDS Anymore? 29m, documentary, USA. Dream Out Loud Productions. 
2000 Terminator Seed, 6m. documentary. Worldwide distribution. Director, Nina Rota & Sorella Productions. 
2000 Otitis Media, 2m10s. experimental animation. USA. Director, Nina Rota. 
1999 Who Needs Hollywood! The Story of Video Pioneer John Dorr & EZTV, 29m. documentary. USA. Director, Nina Rota & Sorella Productions. 

Awards and Achievements
2017 Joan Wright Hassell Prize in Visual Arts.
2016 BC Binning Memorial Fellowship.
2016 British Columbia Arts Council, Graduate Scholarship.
2015 Earl and Margaret Rosester Ward Memorial Bursary.
2015 Graduate Entrance Scholarship, University of British Columbia.
2014 British Columbia Arts Council, Visual Arts Project Assistance Grant. 
2013 Canada Council, Travel Grant.
2000 Opus Painting Award.
1998 Emily Carr Trust Scholarship.
1998 Takao Tanabe Painting Scholarship. 

Symposiums | Artist Talks | Visits
2017 Diviners, Materialists, and Creatives. “A Crimp in the Fabric: Situating Painting Today” Symposium. Djavid Mowafaghian World Art Centre, 
         School for the Contemporary Arts, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver. Organized by Allyson Clay, Marina Roy, David MacWilliam, Bruce Grenville- Panel Moderator.
2017 Audain Art Centre, University of British Columbia, Vancouver. MFA Graduate Seminar- Visiting artist.
2017 Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery, Vancouver- External critique with Amy Kazymerchyk.
2016 The Lillooet Room. Irving K. Barber Learning Centre, University of British Columbia, Vancouver- Artist talk.
2016 AHVA Gallery. Audain Centre for the Arts, University of British Columbia, Vancouver- Artist talk.
2015 Emily Carr Institute, Vancouver. Landon Mackenzie MA painting class- Visiting artist, 
2013 Emily Carr Institute, Vancouver. Landon Mackenzie 4th years BFA painting class- Visiting artist. 
2000 The Art Students League of New York, New York City. Catherine Redmond advanced painting class- Visiting artist & artist talk. 

Press | Publications | Reviews
2017 Kimberly Phillips, "Dilating The Pupil". Essay for Exhibition Catalogue. 'Candle'. Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery.  
2017 Lucien Durey, “Vancouver Report: From Black and White to Coloured Lights.” (2017, March 8)
2014 Nina Rota, “PASSING” Eunoia Revue. (2014, October 14)    
2012 Ted Lederer, Carolyn Stockbridge (2012, January 25)
2010 Ted Lederer, Carolyn Stockbridge (2010, December 20) u
2010 Zoe Pawlak, “Zoe Meets Carolyn”. inspiredoutsiders (2010 December 21) []
2010 Zoe Pawlak, “The Humble Rockstar”. (2010 December 17)
2010 Art For Life Catalogue. Hemlock Press.
2010 Drawing Room Catalogue. A Drawn Festival publication.
2009 Art For Life Catalogue. Hemlock Press.
2009 Unite With Art. UNICEF Catalogue.
2008 Art For Life. Catalogue. Hemlock Press.
2001 Evolution, 80 Years of the Emily Carr Institute Alumni. Catalogue. Hemlock Press.
2001 Chris Brayshaw, “New Art Stars on the Rise”. (August 2001). The Georgia Straight.
2000 Michael Scott, “Art in Vancouver”. (July 2000) The Vancouver Sun. 
2000 Michael Scott, “Outside The Box :LOOKING AT THE CLASS OF 2000”(May 2000) The Vancouver Sun.
2000 Michael Scott, “Art Grads Pollinate Gastown”. (April 2000) The Vancouver Sun.

Canada, USA, UK, Germany, Austria.